Moms solving problems and starting businesses!

Just For Lax Moms appreciates those Moms who are out there making things happen, supporting their kids and solving problems that only Moms can solve!  We got up with Owners/Founders (and fellow LaxMoms®) of Smiley Pits®… a completely healthy, all natural, paraben, gluten and GMO free deodorant for kids of all ages.

Smiley Pits ® is the brain child of Sara Salter and Kristi Joynt.   It all began in Kristi Joynt’s Croatan, Va.  Kitchen.  She was trying to find a healthy deodorant that actually worked and she could feel good about using on her kids… finding nothing and especially nothing for kids, she decided to just make her own.  Sara, a good friend of Kristi, had that ultimate LaxMom moment… you know the one when your young lax player (in this case her son) comes walking by you after practice and you nearly fall over from the stink which led her to ask Kristi if she could try that deodorant she was making.   It worked amazingly and from there the two thought… we need to help others with their stink and knowing this product is both effective and safe they now work to bring Smiley Pits® to anyone they can!

Smiley Pits® is a family affair.  The kids created the fun names like Nasty Sick Defense and Magical and the spouses help with marketing and branding and supporting their wives in this venture.

I’ve personally purchased the Sick Nasty Defense for my lacrosse playing and active son because like Sara that boy smell just knocks me over.  At the same time I can feel good about him using this deodorant while we all get a break from that stink!

It is a deodorant for kids from 4 to 104 as their tagline claims!

Smiley Pits® is taking on stink in Virginia and branching out to gift shops, stores and even making a move into Whole Foods.    Each Smiley Pits® deodorant stick lasts for a couple of months and is a great addition to the gear bag!   I know at least one item going in my Christmas stockings this year!

To learn more about Smiley Pits® and order some for yourself visit

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