Enjoy the Moments

Enjoy The Moments….it all goes too fast!
So another summer travel lacrosse season ends. Soon it’s onto fall ball and fall travel and then the regular spring season and on and on it goes. It can feel like that sometimes.

I admit I am at times that parent who gets caught up in all the doing, the noise , the chatter and sweating the small stuff, wondering if he is going to the right clinics and camps,  getting noticed enough,  getting enough playing time and, admittedly,  thinking only one more weekend of travel games until we are home for one weekend and sleeping in our own beds.

Then I have to stop and pause and realize that it’s so much more. I need to catch myself and breathe and not get caught up in the “crazy” (as I like to call it).  I have to remember he’s 10, he’s having fun, he’s being a boy enjoying running & playing and spending time with his teammates.  We are all enjoying the hotels, the experiences of going different places and the wonderful team dinners we share with wonderful families.  I have to remind myself that I should know better. You see this is not my first rodeo. As our 10 year old runs up and down the field I find myself marveling at how much he reminds me of our oldest son, now 23 year old. One minute they’re out there in over sized  helmets and tiny legs and the next moment is the last time you watch them play their final high school or college game. So please, please stop, enjoy and be in and enjoy the moments!

So as we hit this pause button during the gap between summer travel and the start of fall travel, I am taking this time to just reflect on what’s really important and WHO is really important.  I am taking time to “get my mind right” and stay focused on the moments, the fun, the friendships and memories made. Who knows if he will go on to play in high school, college and beyond.  It’s about right now, it’s about THIS season. Not the season of lacrosse but this season of our life.   I am blessed to have the opportunity to go through this rodeo all again… this time wiser and , yes, older. So my plea to you is to enjoy the journey and the season because it truly is all over before you know it!

Another wonderful fun summer travel lacrosse season ends.Soon it will be a fun filled and joyful fall season followed by the spring season. Truthfully I don’t want them to end!  My goal is to fully enjoy the moments, enjoy the joy our son has just being out there playing hard, learning and having fun, enjoy watching my husband coach and share his passion for the sport while helping build great character and great young boys and men and  to remember what it’s truly all about and to turn off the noise and chatter!

I hope you all enjoy the moments, the seasons and the journey…. before it’s all over.

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